Learn authentic Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance. All skill levels, ages six through adult.

Polynesian dance has many benefits. Hula provides for both spiritual and physical wellness — improving the strength, flexibility and balance of the whole individual. The graceful hand motions and the concentration on the words of the song encourage focus. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day.

Hele Mai! (Stop By!) It’s time to dance!

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Hula celebrates a woman’s body
and will make you feel beautiful.

With sexy movements and playful glances, hula encourages women of all ages, shapes and sizes to enjoy their sensuality. With all of today’s emphasis on hard bodies and youth, it’s refreshing to find a dance where you don’t have to be a size 5 to look good. And, given the swaying hip movements, it actually looks better if you have curves! Hula can be part of your life forever. There is no age limit. In Hawaii, some of the most graceful and beautiful “hula girls” are in their 60’s! Hula keeps you young in body and mind.

Hula classes include dances in the ancient form of hula (hula kahiko), as well as the more contemporary form of hula (hula ‘auana). Hawaiian discussed as they relate to each hula learned. Basic Tahitian dance movements are taught (ote’a and aparima).


  1. Hula is a great low impact workout.
  2. Hula works the entire body, but also engages the mind. Mind and body work together in harmony.
  3. Hula welcomes all levels—even if you’ve never danced before.
  4. Hula provides for spiritual and physical wellness.
  5. Our dancers perform throughout the year.
  6. Hula promotes balance, motion and mental concentration.
  7. Hula is for ALL ages.
  8. Aloha Style’s ‘ohana (or family) atmosphere allows students to develop strong bonds and friendships.
  9. Hula celebrates a woman’s body.
  10. Hula makes you feel beautiful.

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